Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have made it!!!

Hello All Bloggers,

This course was a little rough but it turned out to be a very helpful course.  I thought this course will be somewhat like College Comp I, but this course had more to offer and expected more from the students.  Without our great professor this course probably wouldn't have been such a easy ride.  My classmates were also helpful and very supportive.  In the profession I'm getting into, writing is a very important skill to have to be successful.  I was nervous writing the final paper but the KUWC, professor, and my classmates help me to write a good paper.  I have worked very hard and took a lot time to make sure I could put a smile on the professor face while she read my paper. I would like to wish everyone a happy and successful endeavors!


  1. Hi Rachelle,
    How are you. I agree with you, Prof. Barb was great. She really helped all of us and never once she said that she does not has time or she not going to do it.
    Wish you and your family Happy Holidays:)

  2. Hi Rachelle - I'm currently smiling! And so should you! Best of luck to you in all you do.